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Justice Is Not Only Our Purpose • It’s Our Obsession
We Defend You and Your Constitutional Rights

It can happen to anyone at any time.  Either knowingly or accidentally, you violate some statute or regulation that results in a criminal charge and your arrest.

With a decade of experience,

Ross & Owens Ross Has The Knowledge To Raise A Proper Defense And Make Sure Your Rights Are Protected.

Criminal Law is a highly evolving practice area, rapidly changing, and our firm has the latest computerized research to help work for your defense.  Our mixture of diplomatic yet firm plea negotiations, and zealous trial preparation and defense, if needed, can assure you the protection of your rights, when you are the accused.

Arrests aren’t just made 9 to 5.

And Ross & Owens Ross knows that. Jonathan Ross, Esq., the criminal defense attorney of the firm and a seasoned lawyer, always contemplates scenarios and options he can leverage to fight for his clients.  Based on his experience with the criminal justice system, Ross has a number of viable and inspired strategies at his disposal that he taps into.

This creative analytical thinking distinguishes Ross from his colleagues, and he insists on reformulating his tactics to suit different situations because the choices an attorney makes - and when - matter.  No one knows better than Jonathan that arrests can happen at any time of day, and it behooves the accused for his counsel to be thoroughly prepared.

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As A Defendant In Any Criminal Case, Know That Law Enforcement Is Decidedly Not Your Friend.

They are not overly concerned with your rights. And many are not beyond using psychological tricks and questionable legal practices to help you help them get a conviction. But those tactics fail when you come to us before they come for you.

Most People Reading This May Be Thinking Of Familiar Crimes, Such As Assault, Driving Under The Influence, Or Burglary. However, In Today’s Tangled Web Of Regulations, There Are Many Kinds Of Seemingly Petty Actions That Can Have Potentially Serious Criminal Consequences As Well.

Never Represent Yourself . . . No Matter the Charge 

Once you’re facing criminal charges or arrested, you’ll have an immediate need for competent and caring counsel.  That’s who we are at Ross & Owens Ross, and that’s what we provide.

We’ll stand at your side from the initial arraignment appearance until the case has been disposed.  We’ve handled many bail hearings, pre-trial motions, and hearings, and we know how to roll up our sleeves and prepare a case for trial, and then put on your best defense before a jury.

Criminal Law Practice Areas Include (But Are Not Limited To):

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Polygon 1.png
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Polygon 1.png
Polygon 1.png

Armed Robbery

Drug Crimes


Juvenile Defense

Sexual Offenses

White Collar Crimes

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Polygon 1.png
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DUI and Theft Offenses


Property Crimes


Basics to Remember When Facing a Potential Criminal Charge:

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Do not talk to the police (other than giving name, address and birthdate). 

Polygon 1.png

Never consent to a search, (although never resist an officer conducting a search against your protest).   

Polygon 1.png

Should you be contacted by the police and are asked to come into the police precinct for questioning, or “to clear up” a matter, go with a lawyer.  Never go alone.


Attorney Serving Georgia and Florida

If you are facing an arrest and want to be confident you have a knowledgeable and determined Criminal Law attorney defending you, make that “one phone call” to Ross & Owens Ross for immediate representation.  Your reputation, your future finances, and most importantly, your freedom could depend on making that call.


Concerned about possible or pending criminal liability or an arrest?  Contact us immediately. It can never be too early to obtain counsel.

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